Navel Orange Shaker Pie

Thinly cut oranges with a knife on a wooden cutting board.
This recipe comes compliments of Edith’s Pie and Berkeley Farmers’ Market regular Chef Mike Raskin. It’s a great zero-waste recipe which uses every part of the gorgeous winter citrus at the markets right now. Ingredients: 1ea 9” pie crust, blind baked 1.5 lb naval oranges 1C+1Tbsp sugar 1tsp diamond crystal kosher salt 1.5 tsp flour… Read more »

El Niño Rains Are Good for Farmers – But They Need Customers, Too!

El Niño Rains Are Good for Farmers - But They Need Customers, Too!
Farmers’ Markets typically slow down in the winter, but this season has been especially tough: farmers are finally getting the rain they need, but the customers have dried up. Months of wet weather can make a big dent in profits for a farmer set up at an outdoor market. The solution is customers who are… Read more »

Cottage Food Operators, Come Sell at our Farmers’ Market

Cottage Food Operators, Come Sell at our Farmers' Market
The Ecology Center Farmers’ Market team is looking for Cottage Food Operators that want to sell at our Saturday Downtown Berkeley farmers’ market! Cottage food is a growing part of the local food system, which got a huge boost when California enacted the Homemade Food Act in 2013. This law legalized the production of certain… Read more »

Help Us Reach Jack Johnson’s $2500 Match by Sep 1st!

Help Us Reach Jack Johnson's $2500 Match by Sep 1st!
We will be at the Greek Theatre, Tuesday August 26th, sharing our work and playing games with Jack Johnson concert-goers. Our participation is part of Jack Johnson’s effort to support local non-profits on his tours. Through donating all of the proceeds from his tours, he’s raised $25 million for environmental organizations like ours! He’s particularly… Read more »

On Choosing Turkeys, and Farmers’ Market Fare to Serve at Your Table

On Choosing Turkeys, and Farmers' Market Fare to Serve at Your Table
Turkey pop quiz: what’s the difference between “natural,” “organic,” and “free-range?” What about “heirloom” vs. “heritage?” If you’re stumped but want to choose the best turkey for your table, head over to this article from Grist. It identifies the differences between all those labels, and also has some incredible facts about the vast scale of… Read more »