Environmentalism Is Patriotic

Environmentalism Is Patriotic
4th of July Special: We celebrate these Americans, who love their country by standing up for clean air, clean water, and healthy communities. Here are some feel-good stories. If you know of others, please share!  Check out this story from North Omaha, Nebraska: residents won a change of heart from their public power district, resulting… Read more »

On Choosing Turkeys, and Farmers’ Market Fare to Serve at Your Table

On Choosing Turkeys, and Farmers' Market Fare to Serve at Your Table
Turkey pop quiz: what’s the difference between “natural,” “organic,” and “free-range?” What about “heirloom” vs. “heritage?” If you’re stumped but want to choose the best turkey for your table, head over to this article from Grist. It identifies the differences between all those labels, and also has some incredible facts about the vast scale of… Read more »

One Trend to Tout: As Population Climbs, US Energy Use is Going Down

One Trend to Tout: As Population Climbs, US Energy Use is Going Down
Energy efficiency is paying off, with energy consumption decreasing every year since 2007, even as our population continues to grow. A new report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council is optimistically titled “America’s (Amazingly) Good Energy News” and was cause for a big thumbs up on Grist. Here’s the recap: “America’s energy use peaked… Read more »

Ten Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Frack California

Ten Reasons Why We Shouldn't Frack California
A recent piece on Grist gives an excellent overview of the background of oil extraction in our state and new fracking technology, but with the appropriate grains of salt. Check out their big reasons why the math doesn’t add up here. If you feel compelled to dig a little deeper, we’re hosting a panel, “The… Read more »

The Superbowl Ad You Didn’t See

The Superbowl Ad You Didn't See
If you participated in the football festivities this past Sunday, you were one of over 108 million Americans who tuned in for the game – and the big budget ads. There was one commercial that didn’t make the cut, and we think it’s an important one for more Americans to see. SodaStream is a tiny… Read more »