Bay Area EcoCalendar

The EcoCalendar is a list of Bay Area environmental/sustainability related classes, workshops, exhibits, tours, films, and other events. Events posted are directly related to Ecology Center's main topic areas, and located mostly in the East Bay. If you have any questions about the calendar, contact

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Ecology Center Events

Date Title Location
7/10/2020 Adult “Trashion” Fashion Workshop – 4-Week Series Online Event
7/11/2020 Sustainable Gardening 101 Berkeley
7/15/2020 Eco Lunch Bunch: Producer Responsibility & Plastic Recycling Online Event
7/17/2020 Adult “Trashion” Fashion Workshop – 4-Week Series Online Event
7/22/2020 Eco Lunch Bunch: Get Plastic Out of Your Life Online Event
7/24/2020 Adult “Trashion” Fashion Workshop – 4-Week Series Online Event
7/25/2020 Plastic Free July Solutions Salon Online Event
7/26/2020 Wanna bee a Beekeeper? An introduction to hobbiest Beekeeping Online Event
7/27/2020 Impacts of COVID-19 on Waste and Recycling Markets Online Event
7/30/2020 Story of Plastic Virtual Watch Party & Plastic-Free July Panel Discussion Online Event
7/31/2020 Adult “Trashion” Fashion Workshop – 4-Week Series Online Event
8/22/2020 Cooking With Food Scraps Series #1 – “Interception of the Food Waste Cycle in our own kitchen Berkeley
9/19/2020 “Garden Pests and Non-toxic Ways to Control Them” Berkeley
9/27/2020 Cooking With Food Scraps Series #2 “Creative Salads & Dressings as a way of saving Food & Scraps” Berkeley
10/10/2020 “Eat What You Grow” Berkeley
10/18/2020 Cooking with Food Scraps Series #3 “Is Dinner Hiding in Your Fridge?” Berkeley
11/15/2020 Cooking With Food Scraps Series #4 – “A Thanksgiving Dinner Stopwaste Plan” Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
7/11/2020 The Acta Non Verba Cooking Challenge: Brunch! Online Event
7/14/2020 Seed Saving in a Time of Crisis Online Event
7/18/2020 Home Disaster Preparedness Online Event
7/18/2020 SwapORamaRama! Oakland
7/22/2020 Making a Healthier Home: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Comfort Online Event
7/28/2020 The Future is Electric: How to Eliminate Fossil Fuels from your Home Online Event
8/1/2020 SunWork Solar Installation Volunteer Training Online Event
8/4/2020 Absolute Beginner’s Gardening Online Event
8/8/2020 Sustainable practices for Water-Wise Gardening Berkeley