Berkeley Climate Action Coalition

The Berkeley Climate Action Coalition (BCAC) is a strong and growing network of local organizations and community members joining together to help implement the City of Berkeley’s ambitious, forty-year Climate Action Plan. We include residents, non-profits, the City of Berkeley, neighborhood groups, faith based organizations, schools, businesses, UC Berkeley, and others!

The BCAC initiates projects that address climate change on a wide variety of issues — energy, water, food, waste, the built environment, and transit. We are working toward a future that includes clean air and water, energy efficient housing, and food, energy and transportation that is local, affordable, accessible and safe.

Learn more about the intersection of climate change, social justice, and local action in this video, created by members of the Coalition:

The Berkeley Climate Coalition is organized around several Working Groups, each dedicated to carrying out an action that aligns with the Climate Action Plan. Projects include:

  • Electrification of Buildings and Homes
  • Environmental Health

We also welcome members to start their own working groups. To learn more about starting your own group contact coalition cofacilitator Rebecca Milliken at


Participation in the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition is open, and we welcome all who would like to contribute to the implementation of the Climate Action Plan.

We welcome all members at whatever level of involvement they can sustain. Generally, members stay up to date and aware of Coalition activities, and participate in quarterly meetings or calls. They have access to the listserv and digital resources. They offer support with occasional advising, specific skills, and other resources as available.

Members are also welcomed and encouraged to join or found a working group, aimed at carrying out at least one action from the Berkeley Climate Action Plan.

To join the Berkeley Climate Coalition or get involved with one of the Working Groups, contact:

Rebecca Milliken
City of Berkeley, Office of Energy and Sustainable Development
Phone: (510) 981-7021


In 2006, Berkeley voters overwhelmingly endorsed Measure G, a ballot measure that mandated that Berkeley reduce our entire community’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below 2000 levels by 2050. The ballot measure directed the City to develop a Climate Action Plan to achieve that target. After a lengthy community planning process, the Berkeley City Council adopted the final plan on June 2, 2009.

The plan is designed to reduce community wide greenhouse gas emissions 33 percent below 2000 levels by 2020, and 80 percent by 2050. The vision for Berkeley is a bold one:

  • New and existing Berkeley buildings achieve zero net energy consumption
  • Public transit, walking, cycling, and other sustainable mobility modes are the primary means of transportation for Berkeley residents and visitors
  • Zero waste is sent to landfills
  • The majority of food consumed in Berkeley is produced locally
  • Our community is resilient and prepared for the impacts of global warming
  • The social and economic benefits of the climate protection effort are shared across the community

Read the Berkeley Climate Action Plan’s Executive Summary and Full Report on the City of Berkeley’s website.


The Electrification Working Group (EWG) is focused on facilitating the electrification of homes. Buildings in California represent 20-25% of the state’s total GHG emissions, and natural gas use in buildings represents 10% of total state GHG emissions. The EWG goal is to help reduce these emissions by raising public awareness of electrification, providing the information and resources homeowners need to transition from natural gas to electric appliances, and advocating for legislative and regulatory changes that support electrification.

To get involved, contact: Tom Graly at


The Environmental Health Working Group will focus on addressing and mitigating the health implications of climate change that affect the local community through education and advocacy.  We hope to improve physical and mental health through initiatives that will raise awareness of the intersection between environmental factors and human and planetary health.

To get involved, contact: Raj Fadadu


Formed in the spring of 2012, the Coalition is convened by the Ecology Center and the City of Berkeley. The Ecology Center works closely with the City of Berkeley’s Office of Energy and Sustainable Development, and an array of organizations and individuals who make up the Coalition’s membership.

To learn about the Coalition governance structure, contact:

Rebecca Milliken
City of Berkeley, Office of Energy and Sustainable Development
Phone: (510) 981-7021