Getting from ‘More’ to ‘Better’: Story of Solutions

Getting from 'More' to 'Better': Story of Solutions
Our friends at the Story of Stuff have released a new film, the Story of Solutions. Five years after their first film about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives, the Story of Solutions is about changing the game from ‘More’ to ‘Better.’ It explores how we can… Read more »

The Superbowl Ad You Didn’t See

The Superbowl Ad You Didn't See
If you participated in the football festivities this past Sunday, you were one of over 108 million Americans who tuned in for the game – and the big budget ads. There was one commercial that didn’t make the cut, and we think it’s an important one for more Americans to see. SodaStream is a tiny… Read more »

Beth Terry Is (Almost) Plastic-Free on KQED’s Forum and TED Talk

Beth Terry Is (Almost) Plastic-Free on KQED's Forum and TED Talk
For those who missed her events at the Ecology Center, Beth Terry was recently featured on KQED’s Forum program, along with two people who stepped up to take her Plastic Trash Challenge. We’re big fans of Beth for showing what is possible, and inspiring others to make changes with her. Her book, Plastic Free: How Read more »