Getting from ‘More’ to ‘Better’: Story of Solutions

20131005solutionsOur friends at the Story of Stuff have released a new film, the Story of Solutions. Five years after their first film about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives, the Story of Solutions is about changing the game from ‘More’ to ‘Better.’ It explores how we can move our economy in a more sustainable and just direction, starting with orienting ourselves toward a new goal.

Here’s how they are looking at the big picture – our stuff, our economy, and our environment:

“In the current ‘Game of More’, we’re told to cheer a growing economy – more roads, more malls, more Stuff! – even though our health indicators are worsening, income inequality is growing and polar icecaps are melting. But what if we changed the point of the game? What if the goal of our economy wasn’t more, but better – better health, better jobs and a better chance to survive on the planet? Shouldn’t that be what winning means?

Over the coming year, we’ll be highlighting and supporting game-changing solutions that get us on the path to Better. We’ll be looking to you for examples from where you live and calling on you to help grow Solutions.”

Watch it here:

We were inspired by this film, we hope you are, too. As Annie says, “Come on, let’s do it!”
Join us and the Story of Stuff in changing the game!

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