On Choosing Turkeys, and Farmers’ Market Fare to Serve at Your Table

20131126thanksgivingTurkey pop quiz: what’s the difference between “natural,” “organic,” and “free-range?” What about “heirloom” vs. “heritage?” If you’re stumped but want to choose the best turkey for your table, head over to this article from Grist. It identifies the differences between all those labels, and also has some incredible facts about the vast scale of the turkey farm machine. How’s that for a Thanksgiving conversation starter?

Over at today’s South Berkeley Farmers’ Market, there will be a lot of delicious foods to go with, or replace, the turkey’s place at the table. As a reminder, Thursday’s North Berkeley Farmers’ Market will be closed to observe Thanksgiving, so this is also the chance for those in town to grab fresh ingredients to last until Saturday, when our Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market will be running.

Check out our Farmers’ Market managers top picks for today’s market, to round out your holiday meals:

  • Dungeness Crab from Carapice Fishing, get it while it’s the season!
  • Radicchio, dandelion greens and cippolini onions from Dirty Girl
  • Apples and cider from Pomo Tierra Orchards, making a special appearance at today’s market
  • Chestnuts from Solano Mushrooms
  • Check for green beans and purple beans from Catalan Family Farm
  • Corn flour and other grains from Full Belly Farm
  • Tofu from Tofu Yu makes a great turkey alternative
  • Chickens and cuts of pork from Riverdog Farm

See you out at the market today from 2 – 6:30 PM!

[Photo by gsv on Flickr]

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