Cottage Food Operators, Come Sell at our Farmers’ Market

20141215cottagefoodThe Ecology Center Farmers’ Market team is looking for Cottage Food Operators that want to sell at our Saturday Downtown Berkeley farmers’ market! Cottage food is a growing part of the local food system, which got a huge boost when California enacted the Homemade Food Act in 2013. This law legalized the production of certain low-risk foods in home kitchens. We’re interested in adding these types of small-scale food producers to our farmers’ markets. For this type of vendor, we’re open to multiple cottage food makers who would share a single booth, or alternate weeks. If you’re a licensed Cottage Food Operator, or know one, with interest in selling at our markets, please take a look at our Processed Food Application here. If you have questions about applying, please contact our Farmers’ Market staff at (510) 548-3333 or email

For more information on Cottage Food in California, visit the Sustainable Economy Law Center’s site, which has a summary as well as FAQ. Here’s to a (legal) local food economy!

[Photo by Mark Surman on Flickr]

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3 thoughts on “Cottage Food Operators, Come Sell at our Farmers’ Market

  1. I have started my small jam business through the work done by SELC. I have been making jams and marmalades for over 20 years. I found out about the ecology center looking for cottage food operators through Christina Oatfield who runs the SELC. I would love to sell at the south Berkeley tuesday market …here is a list of the unique flavors that I make. I am more than glad to bring samples in for everyone to taste.
    ….here is a list of flavors of Jams, if you are interested in any flavor or have any questions please just contact me, at or “like” my FB page…”Adult Jam”.
    Some flavors are sold in the store; other flavors are not. I have those flavors at the office.
    I use seasonal organic fruit from California, organic cane sugar, and other organic and wild ingredients. I use filtered water throughout the jam process and BPA free lids. Jars, packaging, labels are All made in USA. Also, the labels are from recycle paper with my photos & writing…want everything to be recycled.
    I’m an experienced confiturier, making jam in large French hand hammered copper confiture pans. What is available has an * in front of flavor.
    *Apple Butter
    *Apricot & vanilla bean
    *Berry Mix
    *Blackberry wild & Grand Marnier liqueur (real wild blackberries , Sheep Ranch, Ca.)
    *Blackberry wild/ Mulberries & St. Germain Liqueur
    Blueberry Lime
    *Blueberry & Meyer lemon
    *Cranberry/orange with Grand Marnier
    Cranberry, Lime & jalapeño
    Cranberry & Prickly pear
    *Cherry & Spice
    *Grape & Fresh Ginger
    *Fig/Pear & Habanero’s
    *Fig /Pear & Orange
    Meyer Lemon & Lavender tea
    Meyer Lemon & lemon Thyme Marmalade
    Mirabella plum & Wine
    *Orange Marmalade & Wild Orange Tea
    Blood Orange Marmalade & Champagne Vinegar
    Peach & Raspberry, Cardamom
    Peach & Sofia Rosé wine
    *Peach & Sumac
    *Pear & Chai tea
    *Pear & Raspberry
    Pear & Té de Sevilla
    Pear & dark spicy chocolate
    *Pear & St Georges Coffee liqueur, faire trade organic coffee
    *Plum & Fig
    *Quince, Kumquat & Cardamom
    Quince & PX Sherry from España
    Raspberry & raspberry wine
    Rose Petal & Pear (around Mothers Day)
    Strawberry & Balsamic vinegar
    *Strawberry & Elderflower with St. Germain (elderflowers picked wild)
    *Hot & sweet Bell Pepper with Habanero pepper, Chardonnay wine
    *Tangerine, Cardamom, & Vanilla bean
    Kindest Regards, Liz at Adult Jam

  2. We hope this message finds you well!

    We are the owners of a startup natural foods company in San Francisco, YOUNGKOBRAS. We make a delicious whole grain gluten free sourdough bread, and are reaching out to see if we can know more information about becoming a vendor at the market.

    Please let us know when you have a moment and thank you in advance. We look forward to hearing back soon!

    Christy + Geoff

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