From Lunar New Year to Valentine’s Day, here are a list of products at the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets to make your celebrations shine

With Lunar New Year, Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day all taking place over the next week this February, there’s a lot to celebrate! Whether you’re observing all or just one of them, here’s a quick list of items you can find at our markets this week to take your festivities to the next level:

Lunar New Year: At the downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market tomorrow, let long noodles from Phoenix Pastaficio bring you longevity, and dumplings from BunBao grace you with wealth and prosperity! Find fish, meat, and tofu for the center of your table at Little Fish Co., Riverdog Farm, and Joodooboo, respectively.

Superbowl Sunday: Hosting? Get your chip and dip on! Find pita chips and hot curry hummus at Obour, tortilla chips and layered bean dip at Primavera Tamales, and countless combinations of dips and flatbread at Bolani. Frog Hollow Farm also has premade jalapeño and cheese empanadas and an array of bite sized sweets.

Mardi Gras: If cooking in traditional Southern style, stop by Little Fish Co. for prawns, Stepladder Creamery for sausage, and Silver Sky Ranch for chicken. Celery and onion are abundant right now at nearly all of our farms, and ready to lend flavor to whatever you choose to whip up.

Valentine’s Day: Satisfy your and your valentine’s sweet tooth with treats from the Tuesday market in South Berkeley. Think chocolate macarons from the Phoenix Pastaficio, decadent chocolate cake from FARM Chocolate, and Mexican hot chocolate brownies from Basecamp Bakery. Coracao Confections doesn’t attend our Tueday market, but does make it easy to customize your own box of truffles on their website. Roses aren’t quite in season, but tulips and other bulbs are abound at Full Belly Farm this time of year.

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