New Vendor Spotlight: Joodooboo

Now selling freshly made tofu at the Saturday Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market: Joodooboo!

Joodooboo is a new Korean deli and banchan shop located in Oakland. Since their opening early this year, they’ve been serving up freshly made dooboo (Korean for tofu), hyper-seasonal vegetable preparations, simple rice bowls, and soups inspired by Korean flavors and ingredients. 

If you’ve never tried fresh tofu, you don’t know what you’re missing. Pillowy soft and delicate with a mild nuttiness, it is a labor of love well worth the effort. For their signature dooboo, Joodooboo starts with organic, US-grown soybeans and utilizes traditional Korean methods to make a truly unique product. 

Chef-owner Steve Joo is a true devotee of the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets and the East Bay food community. In addition to his stand on Saturdays, you can often spot him at the South Berkeley Farmers’ Market, picking up locally grown veggies for Joodooboo’s banchan. You may even remember him from a stint vending for Solano Mushroom a few years ago!

Learn more about Joodooboo in this short Q&A with Steve Joo: 

  • Why did you decide to join the Berkeley Farmers’ Market?

Dooboo to the people! I’ve been a long-time fan of the market and its vendors.

  • What does the Berkeley/East Bay community mean to you?

The restaurant community in the East Bay has been the most supportive and nourishing place for me to grow as an industry professional, and I believe is an extension of the larger collective community.

  • What’s a farmers’ market food you can’t live without?

Sunhee’s sweet potatoes. Find these at Solano Mushroom at the South Berkeley and Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Markets!

See how Joodooboo makes its dooboo

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