Berkeley Mayor and City Council Recognize Ecology Center’s 50 Years of Community Leadership and Service

September 22, 2020 was a proud day for the Ecology Center, when the Berkeley Mayor Jesse ArreguĂ­n and the City Council recognized “The Ecology Center’s 50 Years of Community Leadership and Service.”

Ecology Center’s Executive Director Martin Bourque accepted the recognition in an online ceremony that was both heartwarming and inspiring for staff and community members, who have long contributed to our growth and success.

After 50 years of launching and sustaining many community initiatives, we are very proud to remain a voice for health, equity, and sustainability in our community. From our nascent efforts in the 1970s–mopping up an oil spill and initiating a recycling program–to today’s efforts to address the climate crisis, plastic pollution, and inequities in our society, we remain ever inspired to work for ecological balance and community wellbeing.

We look forward to another 50 years of partnering with the City of Berkeley to lead the nation in addressing climate change, zero waste, sustainable food systems, and environmental and social justice.

Please join us in celebrating fifty years.

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