Vessel Reusable Cup Service Launches

We’re excited to launch the Vessel Reusable Cup Pilot this Wednesday, September 18, 2019. A First for Berkeley and for California, this pilot leads the way in replacing single-use disposable cups with a reusable, thermal, stainless steel alternative. It is a step forward in the Reusables Revolution!

Join us this Wednesday, 9/18, at 8:00 am at Caffè Strada in Berkeley for our launch event, which will include a Coffee Crawl and presentations by an Ecology Center Spokesperson, Vessel’s Founder Dagny Tucker; Berkeley City Council Member Sophie Hahn, District 5; Rigel Robinson Council Member, District 7; and Daryl Ross, Caffè Strada Owner and pilot participant.

Vessel Reusable Cup Pilot Program Launch
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 8:00 am
Caffè Strada, 2300 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

We have the opportunity to eliminate an estimated 41Million single-use disposable cups that Berkeley currently landfills each year. The pilot runs nine months through Spring 2020, and will give customers a convenient option to paying the 25-cents charge per disposable cup, which will become a requirement on January 1, 2020, when the Berkeley’s Single-Use Disposable Foodware and Litter Reduction Ordinance goes into effect.

How It Works

Vessel provides free, reusable, stainless-steel, thermal cups with silicone lids to participating customers through an online app much like a bike-sharing or library book system. Customers check out the cup by scanning a QR code on the cup with their phone’s camera. When they are done, they can return the cup to any participating business within five days. The dirty cups are then picked up by Vessel via a bicycle pedicab, sent to a sanitizing/washing station, and then delivered back to cafes and restaurants for reuse. If customers do not return the cup, they are charged for its cost.

How to Sign Up

Sign up online at To sign up, you will need to provide an email address and a credit card number that will only be charged if you don’t return your Vessel within fifteen days of checking it out.

Sign Up:

You can also view a location map, which shows all eleven participating businesses in the UC Berkeley area.

Location Map: Location Map

Help us lay the groundwork for a revolution in waste reduction. Please consider supporting this pilot program with a donation.

Support This Pilot: Donate Now

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