The Scary Story of the Real Bears, and How the City of Richmond Could Change It

This Halloween, remember the story of the Real Bears if you really want to be frightened. Soda companies sell their products with advertisements that show the sugary beverages as part of active, fun lifestyles, like the “cool” polar bears that chug Coca Cola. The beverage industry wouldn’t sell very much soda if they truthfully represented their products, which is exactly why this video was created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. In the story of the the Real Bears, daily soda consumption leads to real consequences, like obesity, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and amputation. (We caution parents to watch this video first before sharing with your kids). Unfortunately, the story of the Real Bears is the story of too many real Americans. As communities face overwhelming rates of obesity, some are advocating a change. This summer, Mayor Bloomberg of New York made headlines by proposing and passing a ban on sales of sweetened drinks over 16 oz. Closer to home, on November 6th Richmond voters will choose if there will be a 1 cent per ounce sales tax added to sugary beverages sold there. The estimated $3 million raised from that tax would go to funding sports and physical education activities, in a city where over 52% of children are overweight or obese. Head to Fit for Life to read more about Measure N, to volunteer or donate. Not surprisingly, millions of dollars from soda companies have been spent to try to prevent this measure from passing in Richmond, so every effort to help is needed. Let’s change the story of the Real Bears!

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