New Video: DIY Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater System

20150903greywatervideoHave you wondered what it takes to do a very basic greywater system? We have a new, short video that shows an installation of the simplest kind of system, Laundry-to-Landscape. These systems take waste water from the laundry machine and reuse it in your yard, keeping gardens green during the drought and reducing fresh water use for irrigation. The video was filmed at a workshop organized by the Water Working Group of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition. They are working to put on more educational events like this. If you are interested in joining them with those efforts, they would welcome your participation! Click here to send an email to the working group chair, Matt Freiberg.

We’re also hosting two greywater classes in partnership with Greywater Action, one on September 26, and one on October 31st. Check our EcoCalendar soon for those opportunities to come learn more about greywater!

And now, we hope you enjoy this video:

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