Climate Action and Adaptation Tour at the EcoHouse, Saturday, 3/30/13

What are ten things you can do around your home to reduce your climate impact? Come tour our demonstration EcoHouse and draw inspiration to reduce your impact on climate change, and climate change’s impact on you. We’ll present ideas for do-it-yourself projects, including our toolshed built with 4 different natural building methods and topped with a living roof; our ground-breaking constructed wetlands and simple laundry greywater systems; an 1100 gallon rainwater cistern; a native raingarden; 3 kinds of compost; and a lot more. What saves more energy, a flash hot water heater or a solar one? What are the 3 biggest ways that keeping ducks in your backyard will lessen your climate impact? What is a food forest? Features on the tour include a wide range of easy to more difficult energy, water, materials, and landscaping choices. We’ll provide useful resources and information about how to take the next steps. The interior of the home is not included on this tour. Space is limited, pre-registration ensures a spot for this free tour. Click here to sign up!

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