Celebrating César Chávez and Dolores Huerta

20150326chavezhuertaWe have just entered into the peak of spring, and with it, a time to commemorate both César Chávez and Dolores Huerta and their leadership to lift up working people. The commemoration runs from March 20 – April 23, from the spring equinox until the anniversary of Chávez’s death. This year, the committee in Berkeley that celebrates Chávez’s life and work expanded to also honor the work of his equal, Dolores Huerta. The newly renamed César Chávez / Dolores Huerta Commemoration Committee has created resources for the school district to incorporate lessons on Huerta and Chávez, and are participating in several events during the month. Looking ahead, the committee is laying the ground work for additional activities in the fall for Latino Heritage Month, from September 15 – October 15.

Join us in lifting up working people, the spirit of leadership, and commitment to justice in honor of Dolores Huerta and César Chávez. Check out different ways to celebrate at ecologycenter.org/chavez. Committee member Santiago Casal calls for us all to be a part of this recognition: “As part of this annual celebration, the Committee asks all citizens – and you, dear readers – to honor Chávez and Huerta as champions of community building. As you do, please take the opportunity to visit the Chávez Memorial Solar Calendar at César Chávez Park (Berkeley Marina). You may also want to consider volunteering for the community in a way you haven’t before.”

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