Berkeley Benefits of Induction Cooking and How to Get Started

Electrifying Berkeley homes is the next step to eliminating one of our largest sources of greenhouse gases and becoming the sustainable hub we aim to be. Shifting to using electric cars, heat pumps, electric heating, and induction cooking, are some of the ways we can get started. Making all of these changes can be daunting, and it can be hard to make the right choice. Luckily, the City of Berkeley and East Bay Community Energy have teamed up to help people test out electrifying their kitchen by lending out Induction Cooking kits to help people decide if Induction Cooking is right for them. Now some of you may be wondering what Induction Cooking is all about, so we’ve provided some answers for Frequently Asked Questions below, with the help of our Berkeley Climate Action Coalition Electrification Working Group.

How does Induction Cooking Work?
Under the ceramic glass surface of an induction cooktop is a coil of copper. When you turn on the power, an alternating electric current flows through the coil and produces an invisible magnetic field. The magnetic field causes the iron molecules in the cookware to move and bump into each other, which generates heat. The heated metal pan then conducts heat to the food or water inside it. The ceramic glass surface remains cool, or slightly warm from contact with the hot pan. To learn more, check out our Induction Stoves & Cooktop Factsheet

What are the benefits of Induction Cooking?
The table below describes the benefits of making a switch! Check out our factsheet for more information. 

How do I get started?
If you’re interested in induction cooking, consider these next steps (more information here):

  • Buy a low-cost portable induction hotplate to try out as an alternative to your gas stove.
  • Visit an appliance showroom or test kitchen to view or test drive induction cooktops
  • Check out Consumer Reports induction range comparisons or read reviews of induction ranges
  • and cooktops on appliance dealers’ websites.
  • Talk to people who own induction ranges about their experience at electrification tours or expos

FOR BERKELEY RESIDENTS: Visit the South Berkeley, Tarea Pittman Public Library to check out and test out an Induction Cooking Kit at the Tool Lending Library. You can use the “Tool Finder” and search “Induction” to find it. You can check it out, or place a hold, and you will be notified when your materials are ready for pickup. Social distancing practices are in place for tool pickup and return. Face coverings are required for service. Only residents or property owners of the city of Berkeley over the age of 18 are eligible to borrow tools. Now, additional kitchen tools are available as well

Where can I find an Induction range or cooktop for purchase? 
Check out our guide of Induction Range and Cooktop manufacturers in the East Bay.

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  1. Please add a guide to induction cooking temperatures. A simple table with suggested temperature ranges for different kinds of cooking – sauteing fresh vegetables, braising fish, scrambling or frying eggs, boiling water, etc.

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