Report Poaching Violations

Hot Call (The person is on your block now)
Call the police at 981-5900 and ask for the beat officer.
Give the beat officer your location and the information.
State whether or not you want an officer to come to the door, or just look for the vehicle.

Cold Call (You saw the person take your recyclables last night)
Call the Ecology Center Hot Line at 527-5555 and leave a message.
Your information will be used to help establish a pattern for this vehicle.


Gather as much of this information as you can to give to your beat officer or Ecology Center staffer:

  • Date and Time of the incident
  • Address or area (e.g. the 1600 block of Prince Street)
  • License Plate – partial is better than none
  • Description of vehicle (e.g. black Ford pickup truck)
  • Direction the vehicle was moving – if it is a hot call.
  • What you saw the person doing
  • Your address and phone number if you want to be contacted.

What Will Happen

  • Your information will be used to identify frequent offenders and establish a pattern that we can use to apprehend them in the future.
  • The license plate will be checked for other offenses and warrants.
  • An officer will respond to a hot call, if an officer is available.
  • The officer can cite if he/she sees the person poaching.
  • If the officer does not view the offense, the citizen who witnessed the offense can sign a complaint, but will have to appear in court.

Note: An officer may not be available to respond. Please call anyway! The information is being compiled, and arrests ARE taking place.