Small Apartment Building Guide

Small Apartment Building Recycling Guide: Help our community reach our Zero Waste and Climate Action goals.

How to Recycle

Use your carts to sort recyclables through the week. Once full, roll your carts to the curb in front of your house by 7 AM the day your trash is collected. Make sure your carts are in plain view. To help discourage theft and litter problems, put your carts out in the morning rather than at night.

Use One of the Blue-Topped Carts For:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • steel, tin, and aluminum cans
  • clean, rigid plastic containers
  • aluminum foil and pie plates.

Please NO: plastic bags, straws, Styrofoam, window glass, ceramics, Pyrex, or crystal.

Remove food and rinse containers before recycling. Flatten plastic. Caps and lids are allowed if attached to containers.

Use the Other Blue-Topped Cart For:

  • newspapers and inserts
  • office paper
  • small cardboard pieces
  • paperback books and phonebooks
  • mail, magazines, and catalogs
  • paperboard like cereal boxes or egg cartons

Please NO: food-soiled paper or wax cartons, tissue or paper towels, soy milk or juice boxes, or plastic or foil-coated paper or cardboard.

Do not wedge large cardboard boxes in your cart. Cut to fit in cart, or flatten into a 3’x2’x1′ bundle and place next to your cart for pick up.


  •  Flatten your cardboard. Increased online purchasing can generate a lot of cardboard. Do not wedge cardboard into the cart, for larger boxes bundle your cardboard. You can leave 1 tape or twine-secured bundle per week up to 3ft. X 2ft. X 1ft next to your cart or collection.
  • Any excess cardboard can be dropped off at the Berkeley Recycling Center located at 669 Gilman Street.