Ten Days Left to Voice Your Support for Cancer Free Couches

We’ve blogged in the past about the perils of California’s fire safety law that opened the door for toxic carcinogens to come into our homes. Now there’s good news! Under Governor Jerry Brown’s leadership, the state has drafted a revised flammability safety standard that improves fire safety and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals. The new rule addresses fire safety where fires start – on the fabric coverings on furniture, and how they start – from smoldering cigarettes, radiant heaters and extension cords. The draft regulation will be easy for furniture manufacturers to comply with, because it ties in with a voluntary federal standard for furniture fabric which 85% of furniture manufacturers already follow. It’s a common sense law, and a much needed change to allow alternatives to carcinogenic foam in our furniture. Voice your support for the proposed changes by signing on to the Natural Resource Defense Council’s letter here. You can read more about the draft changes here.

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