Take Action to Defeat Prop 23

Help defeat Prop 23, the Dirty Energy Proposition, in this crucial upcoming election! Recent polls show that it’s a close race, with 20% of voters undecided, and nearly two-thirds of voters completely unaware of Prop 23 and what it would mean for California’s environment and public health. Don’t sit around while Texas oil determines California’s future and politics! The Sierra Club Berkeley office is running phone banks every day of the week in an attempt to reach as many voters as possible in these last couple of weeks before November 2nd. Phone banks are run from the Berkeley office at 2530 San Pablo Avenue, Monday through Thursday from 6-9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm. Food and training provided. Email samantha.kanofsky@gmail.com or call (510) 848-0800 x310 to participate. [Photo by 350.org]

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