Sunday Streets Berkeley is Tomorrow, 10/14/12

Come play with us from 11 to 4 tomorrow in Downtown and North Berkeley! We’ve been proud to help plan Sunday Streets Berkeley, and now the big day is here. For those who haven’t yet heard, seventeen blocks of Shattuck Avenue will be transformed into a space to skate, bike, stroll, dance and safely enjoy the car-free streets! There are a ton of great activities, musicians and performers to entertain you along the route. Check out this map for all the details. The Ecology Center will be near Hearst St, with hula hoop and jump rope games led by our incredible Farm Fresh Choice youth. Members of the Berkeley Climate Coalition will also be there with us, asking participants what inspires them to go car-free. We’ll have prizes for people who visit us, including CFL lightbulbs, coupons to our Store, and free seeds! Come bring your friends, and say hello. Check out coverage of this event in Berkeleyside and the East Bay Express. If you need any last minute details about this event, head to

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