EcoHouse Tour: Climate Action and Adaptation – FULL

20140111ecohouseAfter a little winter rest, we’re kicking off 2014 with a climate tour of the EcoHouse on Sunday, January 19th. EcoHouse events are being planned throughout the rest of the year, and there’s an easy way to be in the know for our upcoming classes and tours there. Click “Subscribe” on any page on our website and sign up to receive our bi-weekly EcoCalendar in your inbox. For this tour, space is limited and there are a few spots left. Those who register in advance will be able to join us to draw inspiration to reduce your climate impact and climate change’s impact on you. We’ll present ideas for do-it-yourself projects, using EcoHouse demonstrations as models.

How can using recycled cardboard boxes restore the soil in your yard and allow you to grow a thriving, toxin-free garden? What is a food forest and how can you create one? How can you get your roof to filter air pollution, help prevent flooding, and reduce your need for heating and air conditioning?

This introductory tour features our toolshed built with four different natural building methods – strawbale, rammed earth, clay, cob – all topped with a living roof; our constructed wetlands and simple laundry greywater system; an 1100 gallon rainwater cistern; a native raingarden; three kinds of compost; and a lot more.

We’ll give you an idea of what’s possible for an urban home, and provide useful resources and referrals to help you take the next steps.

Pre-registration by email or phone required, click here for full details and contact information to sign up.

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