Hands on! Sign up for our Washing Machine Greywater Installation Workshop

Join us Sunday, September 19th as we install a legal laundry greywater system at the EcoHouse. This workshop will give you the opportunity to work with tools, understand the parts, and get technical assistance to design and install your own laundry greywater system. Teachers Babak Tondre and Nik Bertulis will begin with a presentation that includes the ins and outs of California plumbing code for washing machine greywater systems and design, followed by an optional system installation session where participants will gain hands-on experience. Every student will receive a copy of the EcoHouse Laundry Greywater User’s Manual, which can be used to develop your own manual, required by the code. Bring your own plan or sectional view of your laundry area and we’ll provide technical advice for your design. Click here for more details. [Photo by Jon Lesser]

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