Creating a Balanced Water Budget for Your Home with Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty, 11/10/16

20161103waterbudgetAs water agencies are straining to maintain a reliable water supply, there is a greater focus on local, sustainable water supplies. Up to this point, many of us have been disconnected from the water we use, and the water that we and our homes produce as a local supply. In this talk, Thursday, November 10 at 7PM by local water expert, Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty of Wholly H2O, these questions will be covered:

  • What do rainwater, stormwater and graywater have to do with satisfying water needs at home?
  • How much of these waters fall or are produced on your site?
  • How could you be using and reusing these waters to reduce your dependence on Mokelumne River water coming out of your East Bay tap?
  • How do I create a balanced water budget for my own home?

Come prepared with your average per person water use over the last year (easily done by looking at your last six bills from EBMUD, and dividing the total amount of gallons used by number of people in the house). You will leave surprised at the water you have on hand, and inspired to capture and reuse it! How low can you go? Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty has been reported to use as little as 20 gallons of water per person, per day at her home.

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