Create Your Raingarden, Next Saturday, 9/22/12

What does your rain garden look like? The fourth event in our “Reclaim, Rebuild, Reskill” series will provide tools and inspiration for integrating water into the landscape. This workshop and skillshare will begin with a slideshow on raingardens and innovative ways to capture and use water, will include a tour of the EcoHouse water features, and end with a design charette where you’ll create a plan for your garden. Learn how ecological water design can improve your quality of life and regenerate natural systems through incorporating features into your yard such as bioswales, living roofs, rain barrels, ephemeral pools, permeable landscape materials, and more. This class will be led by ecological designer Nik Bertulis, who helped create several of the features at the EcoHouse. For more event details, or to sign up, click here.

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