Berkeley Earth Days 2013: Educate • Inspire • Act, 4/13 – 4/22/13

Berkeley Earth Days will be a city-wide celebration happening April 13 – 22 with a focus on community, fun, learning, and action. A rich bounty of Earth Day events are being planned by a wide array of organizations throughout the city, all tied to the theme “Educate • Inspire • Act.” Read on for more about the background of this celebration, and the plans for this years’ celebration.

The Ecology Center is coordinating the many activities with the aim of carrying forward a piece of Berkeley history, and to invigorate community engagement around Earth Day. Celebration of Earth Day began in 1970 as a nation-wide day of learning and action. 20 million Americans participated in the teach-ins, protests, and campaigns launched that day. “The Ecology Center incorporated on that very first Earth Day,” says Ecology Center Executive Director Martin Bourque. “Earth Day’s call to action is as poignant as ever. Many generations of stewards and problem solvers are working together to meet today’s environmental challenges. Every spring, we recommit to our vision of a cleaner, greener, healthier community and world.”

Berkeley Earth Days 2013 will be accessible to a wide range of community members. The events will take place on different dates and locations throughout the city, and many events will be kid-friendly and engaging for youth. There will be active learning opportunities for all ages, and a chance to connect with over a dozen participating organizations. Berkeley Earth Days 2013 celebrate the roots of the very first Earth Day as a time to raise awareness and spur action. For the full line up of events, head to

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