Solar Science Day Camp! Ecology Center Members Save $20

This summer, the Ecology Center is co-sponsoring a very special day camp: Solar Science Week at Sarah’s Science Camp! It takes place August 20 – 24 in Berkeley (Tilden Regional Park) and Oakland (Roberts Regional Park). Each day, campers make and take home fun solar science projects. Campers get to make a solar-cell spin-art turntable, build a mini-house with a solar-powered doorbell, and tell time with a sundial. Additional projects include a handheld solar spinner, UV beads, and a solar merry-go-round. In addition to the science projects, campers swim, hike, sing, and do arts & crafts. The Ecology Center is excited to recommend this camp, which instills the next generation with a spark for clean energy technology! To get the Ecology Center Member coupon code, email or call Leah at 510-548-2220 x235.

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