Tell Your State Senator: Don’t Burn Our Future

Tell Your State Senator: Don't Burn Our Future
GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) has put out an alert to prevent AB 1126 from becoming law in California. The bill would make it easier for highly-polluting facilities to get climate protection credits by burning wood, paper, and other organic materials. They claim that the greenhouse gases that result are “carbon neutral” – even… Read more »

Success for the California Homemade Food Act

Success for the California Homemade Food Act
Great news! An effort led by the Sustainable Economies Law Center has culminated with the signing of the California Homemade Food Act, or AB 1616, by Gov. Brown last Friday. This success for small scale food producers was aided by the Berkeley Food Policy Council, whose member organizations wrote in letters of support, along with… Read more »

Support Nancy Skinner’s “Saving Energy, Saving Our Schools” AB 1186

Support Nancy Skinner's "Saving Energy, Saving Our Schools" AB 1186
Assembly member Nancy Skinner has introduced legislation that would help our schools save lots of money in the future by investing in energy efficiency upgrades today. AB 1186 establishes a dedicated school energy efficiency program for deep energy retrofits of public K-12 schools. Districts that have made similar upgrades have saved hundreds of thousands of… Read more »