Wise Jun-Kombucha

Markets:North Berkeley (Thursday)Product: jun-kombucha, on tapFarmer's Name: Sherry Hoang
San Leandro, CA 94609
Email: info@wisebucha.info
Website: https://wisebucha.com/About the Farm:
Owner Sherry Hoang started out as a beekeeper and used her honey to make jun-kombucha her family, friends, and neighbors. With a little encouragement and support, she wound up vending in farmers’ markets, where she shopped as a kid. Sherry incorporates unique flavors from her Asian background such as Chrysanthemums, jujube or goji berries. Wise Jun-Kombucha is brewed with 5 blend tea and honey, then the traditional black tea and cane sugar. They now source their honey from a Fresno beekeeper and buy fresh fruit from local farmers at the farmers markets. Whether you are seeking a healthier alternative to sugary drinks, a boost to your gut health, or simply the pleasure of a unique and flavorful beverage. Wise Jun-Kombucha has something for everyone.