Uplands Apiary

This pure, raw honey comes to you as wild as the flowers that provided the nectar, and as unfiltered as the keepers who tend to the bees. Uplands Apiary has committed their lives to nature’s rhythms: sunset and sunrise; winter’s passing and spring’s first bloom; the life and death of every bee. 

Moreover, they’ve committed their lives to California. They’ve searched the state for every green and growing thing, from the palm-lined islands of the river delta and the blackberry brambles of the North Bay, to the manzanita forests of the foothills. They are proud to bring you the lushest, richest, wildest honeys in California, and in the process give thanks to the bees, the flowers, and to you. 

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Markets:North Berkeley (Thursday)Season:
April-DecemberProduct: Honey, pollen, wax, candles, and salvesFarmer's Name: Stewart Jones
Rio Vista, CA 94571
Website: https://www.instagram.com/uplandsapiary/Farm Location:
Rio VistaDistance From Berkeley:
60 miles