Queen of Sheeba Farms

Khaled Almaghafi

Everything you want to know about bees, Khaled Almaghafi knows. Born and raised in Yemen where there is a long tradition of beekeeping and honey hunting, Khaled’s father was a beekeeper, and Khaled learned his craft at a young age. In 1986, Khaled moved to California with hopes of studying bees at UC Davis. Unable to afford the tuition, he took a job as a gas station clerk. In 1992, he fortuitously found an Oakland beekeeper to work with by looking up “bee removal” in the Yellow Pages. When the beekeeper died a few years ago, Khaled inherited the business.

Khaled offers bee removal services and harvests much sought-after local honey from his East Bay hives. Khaled is passionate about bees, and works hard to relocate rescued hives to farms where they will thrive. He says, “We learn a lot from bees. We learn how to be social. We learn how to give, not only take. They give us honey. They pollinate and give us fruits and vegetables. They give us medicine. And they don’t ask for anything in return.”

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Markets:South Berkeley (Tuesday)Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Year-RoundProduct: Raw, unheated honey, bee pollen, and beeswax candlesFarmer's Name: Khaled AlmaghafiMailing Address: 2950 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
Email: beehealthyhoneyshop2010@yahoo.com
Phone: (510) 388-9112
Website: http://www.beehealthyhoneyshop.comFarm Location:
Oakland, Alameda County, CADistance From Berkeley:
1 mileAbout the Farm:
Queen of Sheeba Farms is owned and managed by Khaled Almaghafi, who primarily works on his own to maintain his hives.Organic Certification: Not Certified OrganicAnimal Care Practices: Currently, Khaled keeps approximately 70 hives located in El Sobrante, Lafayette, and Pleasanton. The bees are wild and forage for food, and are never treated with antibiotics. Khaled does not currently use his bees for pollination services in farms and orchards, though he has in the past.