Massa Organics

Massa Organics is a 4th generation family farm located along the Sacramento River. Greg’s great-grandfather, Manuel Fonesca, began rice farming in 1916. Greg’s father took over the family business in 1962, at the height of the “green revolution”.

Greg & Raquel Massa returned to the farm in 1997 with a different vision. As biologists who had worked for several years as tropical ecologists in Costa Rica, they wanted to make stewardship of natural resources central to their practices. Greg’s goal is to pair the technological and mechanical innovations of his father’s farm with environmentally positive practices. As he states on their website, “The water that leaves our land needs to be cleaner than when it arrived, the soil needs to be improving every year, and we must share our land and harvests with wildlife.”

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Markets:South Berkeley (Tuesday)North Berkeley (Thursday)Season:
Year-roundProduct: Whole grain brown rice, almonds, almond butter, and satsuma mandarinsFarmer's Name: Greg MassaMailing Address: P.O. Box 535
Hamilton City, CA 95951
Phone: (530) 519-8628
Website: http://www.massaorganics.comFarm Location:
Hamilton City, CADistance From Berkeley:
156 milesSoil Type: Sandy clay loamWater Source: GroundwaterAbout the Farm:
Family farm owned and managed by Greg & Raquel Massa, in partnership with Greg’s parents Manuel and Mary Beth. They employ 1 year-round employee.Organic Certification: CCOF organic certified since 2002Fertilizer: Cover crops, manureWeed Control: Sheep grazing, pigs, water control, crop rotationPest Management: Cover crops, hedgerowsAcreage: 221 acres