Kashiwase Farms

Steven Kashiwase

Steven Kashiwase is a third generation farmer. Although he has many wonderful memories about growing up on his family’s farm — exploring and running around in the orchards — he does not have fond memories about working on the farm. Steven’s father grew canning peaches and almonds conventionally until he passed away in 1976. At that time, Steven had just graduated from U.C. Davis with a
degree in entomology and pomology, and he stepped in to oversee the family business. Steven’s father had left the farm to his mother, three sisters, and Steven. At first, Steven continued to farm conventionally, not wanting to take any chances. However, in the late 80s, he diversified the orchards by planting some asian pears, plums, and nectarines, and he began selling through farmers’ markets. Customers at the markets were interested in organics, and Steven felt that he could meet their demand. In 1990 he began to transition the entire farm to organic production, slowly converting one parcel at a time. In this way, Steven transformed his family’s farm from a conventional operation growing two crops destined for processing facilities, into a mixed orchard producing fresh fruits and almonds for farmers’ markets and a few retail stores. The entire farm has been certified organic by CCOF since 1997.

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Markets:South Berkeley (Tuesday)North Berkeley (Thursday)Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Tues/Sat Year-round, Thursday May – OctoberProduct: Stone fruit, almonds, and Asian pearsFarmer's Name: Steven KashiwaseMailing Address: 9681 West Lane
Winton, CA 95388
Email: skash956@gmail.com
Phone: (209) 648-2293Farm Location:
Winton, Merced County, CADistance From Berkeley:
113 milesSoil Type: Sandy loamWater Source: Well and irrigation canalsAbout the Farm:
Kashiwase Farm is owned and managed by Steven Kashiwase and his wife, Lisa. They employ 4 full-time, year-round workers, 18 people who work for 9 months of the year, and 20 people who work for 6 months of the year, for a total of 42 employees at peak season.Organic Certification: Certified Organic by OCIA since 1993, and by CCOF since 1997Fertilizer: Compost for almonds and fresh fruit, chicken manure for almondsWeed Control: Mowing and hand hoeing for almonds and fresh fruit, mechanical cultivation for fresh fruitPest Management: Pheromone distribution, sanitation, and use of organically- approved sprays including Bt, Entrust, and sulfurAcreage: 190 acres