Kaki Farm

Nicasio Soria moved to the United States from Zacatecas, Mexico in 1979 and began working for Martin Bowman on his organic farm. When Martin passed away in 1990, Nicasio purchased the farm. Kaki Farm produces citrus, persimmons, fruits and vegetables like asparagus. Kaki Farm also produces eggs and keeps 400 pastured chickens throughout the farm. They eat grass and are supplemented with fruit and vegetable scraps.

Nicasio says, “I have been a farmer all of my life, and I enjoy selling at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market with my wife Carmen. Thank you for coming to the market.”

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Markets:South Berkeley (Tuesday)Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Year-RoundProduct: Pastured eggs, citrus, persimmons, fruits & vegetables, asparagusFarmer's Name: Nicasio and Carmen Soria
Gridley, CA, CA 95948Farm Location:
Gridley, Butte County, CADistance From Berkeley:
130 milesSoil Type: Dirt and SandWater Source: Well, municipal waterAbout the Farm:
Kaki Farm, owned and operated by Nicasio Soria, employs 4 year-round employees and 20 people during peak season. Five family members work on the farm, including Nicasio’s sister, nieces, and nephews.Organic Certification: Not currently certified.Fertilizer: Chicken manure produced on-site.Weed Control: Tractor cultivation, hand weeding, hoeingPest Management: Traps and beneficial insects like ladybugsAcreage: 42 acresAnimal Care Practices: Gridley, CAHerd/Flock Size: About 600 chickens.Feeding Practices: Chickens are pastured throughout the farm and are free to eat whatever they find. Their diet is often supplemented with leftover fruit and vegetable scraps from the farm.