Higher Land Coffee

We are a husband-wife partnered micro-roaster based in Berkeley. Both of us are hustling artists. Lobsang, the husband, worked as a barista and roaster as his side jobs for close to 9 years, then we formed Higher Land Coffee in April 2019. We believe that coffee is so much more than a drink. Coffee is community. It is energy. It is a pure experience that brings people together. Coffee cultivates a higher state of consciousness and self-awareness. Proud to be a part of Fair Trade USA, all of our coffee beans are specialty quality that are organically grown, naturally processed, and fairly traded from smallholder farms in unique regions of higher altitudes. Co-founder, Shan, also sells handmade ceramics, organic cotton coffee filters and other zero waste related products.

Our work began as a side project for which we both shared an incendiary passion. We set out to improve public health by offering pure, organic coffee. We took it upon ourselves to source only ecologically farmed beans that would help preserve rather than harm the planet. We endeavored to create a product and a brand that would bring people together and strengthen our community.

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Markets:Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Year-roundProduct: Pre-bagged fresh roasted coffee beans, fresh drip coffee, espresso drinks, and occasionally hand pour overs
Berkeley, CA 94702
Email: hello@higherlandcoffee.com
Website: https://www.higherlandcoffee.com/