Jordon Gatto

As a Northern California farmer with a short season, Jordan Gatto has found that it is it is hard to compete in the fresh vegetable market. This fact, combined with a love of cooking, led Jordan to explore the possiblility of adding value to his fresh vegetables through processing. Over time, he honed in on tomato juice and tomato sauce as workable value-added products for the farmers’ market.

The goal at Gattonelli is to produce the purest, healthiest, and most flavorful products available. To Jordan, “pure” means that he grows the ingredients he uses himself. “Healthy” means that he adds no salt or sugar. The flavor of his products is “summer,” and he works hard to capture that summer freshness in every bottle. Jordan began farming on his own in 2003 after working for, and learning from, a number of organic farmers. As a student at UC Santa Cruz, he studied farming and gardening at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. Jordan says, “As a young farmer I still have a lot to learn out in the field from other farmers and from the customers. Thanks to all!”

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Markets:North Berkeley (Thursday)Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Year-roundProduct: Value-added farm products including tomato sauce and tomato juice, potatoes, garlic, onions, and asparagusFarmer's Name: Jordon GattoMailing Address: 74451 Hill Road
Covelo, CA 95428Farm Location:
Covelo, Mendocino County, CADistance From Berkeley:
185 milesSoil Type: ClayWater Source: WellAbout the Farm:
Gattonelli is owned and managed by Jordan Gatto. He hires 1 employee to help on the farm during peak season.Organic Certification: Certified OrganicFertilizer: Compost and cover cropsWeed Control: Hand weedingPest Management: Use of annual crop rotationsAcreage: 5 acres