Crane Creek Growers

Tom Turner has been growing flowers professionally for over 40 years. He started out working in the flower fields in Encinitas in high school and loved it.  He went on to get a horticulture degree and has been growing flowers ever since.  First in San Diego County and, since 2008, in Sonoma County. Jake Turner, Tom’s son, manages the organic program. They sell exclusively at Bay area Farmers’ Markets and love the communities they serve!

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Markets:North Berkeley (Thursday)Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
Year-roundProduct: Flowers, hothouse tomatoes and cucumbersFarmer's Name: Tom and Jake Turner
Penngrove, CA
Website: http://cranecreekgrowers.comFarm Location:
Penngrove, Sonoma County CaSoil Type: Clay, with organic peat, sand, and a touch of duck manureWater Source: WellOrganic Certification: Certified OrganicFertilizer: Organic chicken manureWeed Control: Mechanical, no herbicidesAcreage: 6.7