EcoHouse was founded in April 1999 as a nonprofit, community-based educational organization created by a group of talented and inspired individuals with a common passion for restoring ecological systems and building healthy, socially just, and stable communities. This diverse group came together to transform a vacant, dilapidated house in North Berkeley into a working example of sustainable urban living. Local residents and organizations collectively purchased the property, and the founders began the process of renovating and improving the house and gardens.

EcoHouse grew out of the extraordinary neighborhood efforts at Hopkins and Peralta Streets that produced the Peralta Community Art Garden, the Northside Garden, the Karl Linn Garden, and the Interpretive Exhibit of the Natural and Cultural History of the Westbrae Neighborhood located along the Ohlone Greenway. Many individuals, organizations, and businesses donated their ideas, time, skills, materials, and expertise to turn EcoHouse into a vibrant demonstration site.

In 2006, EcoHouse became a program of the Ecology Center and has become a popular demonstration site for the Ecology Center’s many classes and workshops on sustainable living techniques. We are grateful to everyone who has played a part and those who continue to play a part in this evolving project.

Neil Collier
Mark Gorrell
Karl Linn
Linda Maio
Greg VanMechelen
Nicole Milner
Babak Tondre

Major Donors to the Acquisition of EcoHouse
Denny Abrams of Abrams, Millikan & Kent
Laurie & Marilyn Capitelli
The Chez Panisse Foundation
The City of Berkeley
Igal Sarafaty, Yuval Bobrovich, Avi Ben-Zaken, SB Pacific Group
Patrick Kennedy, Panoramic Interests
Michael Korman & Miriam Ng
David Teece
Mal Warwick Associates

Partners and Donors
Alice Walker Revocable Trust
Andrew Carothers-Liske Plumbing
Berkeley Community Fund
Beth El Social Action Committee
The City of Berkeley
David Arkin
DIG Cooperative
East Bay Conservation Corps
East Bay Municipal Utility District
EcoHome Improvement
Hal Aronson
Live Oak Landscape
Merritt College
Prof. Linda Jewell
Raymond Family Foundation
Real Goods
Rebuilding Together
Richard Petty Foundation
Spiral Gardens
Sun Light & Power
The CASSL Foundation
The Center for Ecoliteracy
The Chez Panisse Foundation
The Clowes Fund
The Permaculture Guild
The Urban Farmer Store
U.C. Berkeley School of Landscape Architecture
Urban Ore