Bay Area EcoCalendar

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Ecology Center Events

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Date Title Location
2/7/2016 Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop at the EcoHouse — FULL Berkeley
2/20/2016 Ecology Center Store Warming Sale Berkeley
3/2/2016 Changemakers for Climate Berkeley
3/3/2016 Tiny: A Story About Living Small Berkeley
3/5/2016 Film Screening: This Changes Everything El Cerrito
3/13/2016 EcoHouse Tour: Climate Action and Adaptation – FULL Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
through 7/24/2016 Bees: Tiny Insect Big Impact Oakland
through 8/31/2016 Bay Interpretive Training: Teaching Kids to Help the Bay Berkeley
through 2/20/2016 Berkeley Home Owners and Residents: Incentives Available for Seismic Upgrades Berkeley
2/6/2016 East Bay Regional Park District: Annual Youth Job Fair Oakland
2/6/2016 Workshop: Urban Composting San Francisco
2/6/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: Garden Design Pleasant Hill
2/6/2016 Winter Fruit Tree Pruning San Francisco
2/6/2016 Gardening on the Edge: All About Mushrooms Palo Alto
2/7/2016 Workshop: Seed Propagation of California Natives Berkeley
2/7/2016 Permaculture Moon CoLab: PlaceMaking Workshop Albany
2/8/2016 Public Meeting: Clean Air Plan and Regional Climate Protection Strategy Pleasanton
2/8/2016 Benicia Planning Commission Public Meeting: Crude by Rail Benicia
2/8/2016 East Bay Permaculture Guild: Meeting and Seed Swap Oakland
2/9/2016 Public Meeting: Clean Air Plan and Regional Climate Protection Strategy Oakland
2/9/2016 Climate Equity San Francisco
2/9/2016 ​Free Bay Currents talk: Mysterious Sounds of the Silent Sea Albany
2/10/2016 Create a Container Garden with Sarah Easley Palo Alto
2/11/2016 Emeryville Bike Share Expansion Workshop Emeryville
2/11/2016 Saving the Bay: the Story of San Francisco Bay Berkeley
2/11/2016 Herbal Oils and Salve Making Oakland
2/12/2016 The Flame Retardant Dilemma and Beyond Berkeley
2/13/2016 Grow Your Own Food in February San Francisco
2/13/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: Saving Private Soil Pleasant Hill
2/13/2016 Volunteer Solar Installer Orientation with SunWork Berkeley
2/16/2016 The Baylands and Climate Change San Francisco
2/17/2016 Incorporating Greywater Installations into Your Landscaping Business
2/17/2016 Water and California: Where Do We Go From Here? Sunnyvale
Certified Green Building Professional Training Oakland
Certified Green Building Professional Training Oakland
2/18/2016 Fundraiser for Berkeley Public Schools Gardening Programs: Dine Out Berkeley
2/18/2016 Bike Share Expansion Workshop San Francisco
2/18/2016 Workshop: Kombucha Brewing Oakland
2/20/2016 Calling the Bay Area Home: Tackling the Affordable Housing and Displacement Challenge Oakland
2/20/2016 Natural Plant Care San Francisco
Tiny ‘Tainer Home Workshop Oakland
2/20/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: Slowing, Sinking and Spreading Water Pleasant Hill
2/20/2016 Workshop: Making Marmalade with Blue Chair Jam Oakland
2/20/2016 Bare Root: Selection and Planting of Your Urban Orchard Oakland
2/20/2016 Homesteading 101: All About Bare Root Trees Palo Alto
2/21/2016 Espalier Pruning with Chris Ingram Palo Alto
2/21/2016 Friends of Five Creeks: Volunteer Opportunity to Plant Natives at Berkeley Bay Shoreline
2/21/2016 Cerrito Creek Clean-Up El Cerrito
2/21/2016 Introduction to Natural Beekeeping El Sobrante
Bay-Friendly Training & Qualification for Maintaining Landscapes Sustainably San Francisco
2/25/2016 Solar Energy Seminar: Top 10 Things to Know Before Installing Solar Lafayette
2/25/2016 Workshop: Making Your Own Vinegars and Shrubs Oakland
2/27/2016 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Sun & Shade with Kim and Kevin Raftery Palo Alto
2/27/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: Trees, Guilds and Food Forests Pleasant Hill
2/27/2016 Workshop: Stove-Top (Small Batch) Beer Brewing Oakland
2/27/2016 Basic Composting for the Home Gardener Moraga
2/28/2016 Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Chickens Berkeley
2/28/2016 Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
3/5/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: To Seed or To Seedling Pleasant Hill
3/5/2016 Dormant Season Fruit Tree Grafting Oakland
3/6/2016 Workshop: Aquaponics Oakland
3/6/2016 Workshop: Swarm Prevention
Workshop: Environmental Negotiation Tiburon
3/8/2016 Engaged Locally and Globally: Young Climate Researchers at UC Berkeley Albany
Bay-Friendly Training & Qualification for Design of Sustainable Residential Landscapes Napa
3/12/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: Herb Spirals, Keyhole and Mandala Beds Pleasant Hill
3/12/2016 Workshop: Ask the Experts, Gardening in a Drought San Francisco
3/12/2016 Ask the Experts: Gardening in a Drought San Francisco
3/13/2016 Workshop: How to Do a Hive Inspection
3/16/2016 Whole-House Residential Greywater Systems
3/17/2016 PG&E Workshop: Lighting Fundamentals San Francisco
Permaculture Design Course Sebastopol
3/19/2016 Sustainable Living Permaculture Series: Bringing it Home Pleasant Hill
3/19/2016 Workshop: Permeable Hardscaping San Francisco
3/19/2016 Sabotaging Snails, Slugs and Plant-Suckers Palo Alto
3/20/2016 Greywater: Laundry to Landscape Berkeley
3/20/2016 Bay Nature’s Local Heroes Award Dinner San Francisco
3/22/2016 Annual Water Conservation Showcase San Francisco
3/26/2016 Green Gardens with Graywater San Francisco
3/26/2016 Green Gardens with Graywater San Francisco
3/26/2016 Outsmarting Varroa Mites: How to Keep Mite/Virus Levels Low and Your Hive Healthy
3/30/2016 Understanding the California Plumbing Code for Greywater
4/2/2016 Drought Tolerant Gardening San Francisco
4/3/2016 Organic Gardening 101 Oakland
4/3/2016 Creating a Summer Vegetable Garden Berkeley
4/3/2016 Beekeeping Workshop: Making Splits and Nucs Oakland
4/8/2016 EarthEXPO Oakland
4/10/2016 Beekeeping Workshop: Honey Harvesting
4/10/2016 Backyard Beekeeping Berkeley
4/12/2016 John Muir Laws: Tricks from the Naturalist’s Tool Kit Albany
4/13/2016 Food Exchange Forum: The Challenge of Making Good Food Affordable Berkeley
4/14/2016 Earth Beautiful: Reflections from Space Menlo Park
Certified Green Building Professional Training San Francisco
4/21/2016 Rising Sun Energy Center: Bright Night Berkeley
Conifers of California: Four Part Series Class Berkeley
4/23/2016 Prepping Your Garden for Dry Summers San Francisco
4/23/2016 Oakland Earth Day Volunteering Event Oakland
4/23/2016 Beekeeping Workshop: How to Do a Hive Inspection
4/23/2016 Homesteading 101: Berries Palo Alto
4/24/2016 Outsmarting Varroa Mites: How to Keep Mite/Virus Levels Low and Your Hive Healthy
4/30/2016 Berkeley Emergency Preparedness Fair Berkeley
5/1/2016 Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
5/1/2016 How to Build a Simple Composting Toilet in Your Garden Berkeley
5/7/2016 Designing Your Garden Space: Part One Palo Alto
5/14/2016 Designing Your Garden Space: Part Two Palo Alto
5/17/2016 PG&E Workshop: Lighting Fundamentals San Francisco
5/21/2016 Life After Lawn: Beautiful Alternatives San Francisco
5/21/2016 Bee-autiful Gardens! Planting for Pollinators Palo Alto
6/4/2016 Homesteading 101: Best Varieties of the Bay Area Palo Alto
6/11/2016 Soils Workshop: Soils Sample Collection, Mapping and Heavy Metals Exposure Prevention Richmond
6/18/2016 Off-the-Grid Solar Cooking Palo Alto
10/1/2016 Fall Pest Prevention Palo Alto