Bay Area EcoCalendar

The EcoCalendar is a comprehensive listing of Bay Area environmental and social justice classes, workshops, exhibits, tours, films, and events. Subscribe to receive a bi-weekly email version of the Eco-Calendar. Click on event title to view full description.

Ecology Center Events

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Date Title Location
7/11/2015 Potluck Lunch and Plastic-Free Living with Beth Terry Berkeley
7/18/2015 Berkeley Marina Shoreline Clean-up Berkeley
7/26/2015 DIY Body Care Workshop & Action to Ban Microbeads Berkeley
7/30/2015 From Here to China: Secrets of Plastic Recycling Berkeley
8/1/2015 Plastic-Free July Show & Tell, Solutions Share & Picnic Berkeley

Community Events

Date Title Location
through 10/3/2015 Permaculture Design Course Sebastopol
through 9/27/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of California: A bioregional Exploration (12 Month Course) Ukiah
through 11/22/2015 Taxonomy Master Class in California Native Plants Berkeley
through 9/20/2015 Bees: Tiny Insect Big Impact Oakland
through 8/22/2015 Open for Registration: Food Justice and Aloha ‘Aina in Hawai‘i
through 11/8/2015 Urban Adamah Monthly Volunteer Days Berkeley
through 9/30/2015 LuvTheBay Interactive Online Mosaic
through 7/31/2015 One Small Planet: Climate Action as Practice
through 5/21/2016 Ecological Landscaper Immersion Sebastopol
through 9/5/2015 Urban Permaculture Course in The Heart of San Francisco San Francisco
The Resilience of Sacred Places: Protecting Biodiversity and Defining Security Berkeley
7/7/2015 Film Screening: Food Patriots Lafayette
7/8/2015 Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting Training Oakland
7/8/2015 Mercury and Your Health: New Developments Corte Madera
7/9/2015 Webinar: Multi-Family Hot Water “On Demand” Recirculation, Energy-Saving Low Cost Retrofits
7/9/2015 Kombucha and Kefir: Ancient Elixirs Oakland
7/10/2015 Workshop: Juiced For Justice Berkeley
7/11/2015 Stop Oil Trains in Richmond March Richmond
7/11/2015 DIY Fresh Cheese, Butter and Yogurt Oakland
7/11/2015 Native Here Nursery Talk: Irrigation Efficiency Berkeley
7/11/2015 Laundry to Landscape Greywater Workshop Fairfax
7/12/2015 Three Stone Hearth Tour and Traditional Diets Class Berkeley
7/12/2015 Film Screening: Symphony of the Soil Oakland
7/15/2015 Solar Jobs Fair San Francisco
7/16/2015 Webinar: Ideas From an Off Grid Home
7/16/2015 Preserving the Harvest: Canning Tomatoes Oakland
7/16/2015 Climate One Talk: Greening Asia San Francisco
7/18/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
7/18/2015 Fermenting Sodas Oakland
7/18/2015 Life After Lawn: Beautiful Alternatives San Francisco
7/18/2015 Native Here Nursery Talk: Ecology of East Bay Redwoods Berkeley
7/19/2015 Connecting the Dots: Refinery Healing Walks Rodeo
California Higher Education Sustainability Conference San Francisco
7/21/2015 Climate One Talk: Reinventing Water Berkeley
7/23/2015 Fermented Hot Sauce Oakland
Intro To Aquaponics Using Applied Permaculture Hopland
7/25/2015 DIY Soap and Salve Making Oakland
7/25/2015 Expressions Gallery: Water, Water! Water? Berkeley
Essentials for Healthy Home Practitioners Training Oakland
7/27/2015 Friends of Five Creeks and Friends of Albany Work Day El Cerrito
7/28/2015 Film Screening: Just Eat It Lafayette
7/30/2015 Making your own Vinegar and Shrubs Oakland
7/30/2015 Film Screening: Bitter Seeds Berkeley
7/30/2015 Talk: How the East Bay Got its Forest El Cerrito
8/1/2015 Preserving Fish: Drying, Curing and Smoking Oakland
8/1/2015 Urban Composting San Francisco
8/1/2015 The Poetry of Water Kirk Lumpkin Berkeley
CRRA Conference: Lights, Camera – Zero Waste in Action Los Angeles
8/8/2015 Workshop: Community Noise and Natural Quiet San Francisco
8/8/2015 Introduction to Drought Tolerant Gardening San Francisco
8/8/2015 Workshop: Grow Your Own Food in August San Francisco
8/8/2015 Green Gardens with Greywater San Francisco
8/9/2015 Landscape Watering Workshop: How to Make Every Drop Count Richmond
Discovering Connection to Nature Through Miwok Culture Lafayette
8/10/2015 Webinar: Water Conservation in Multifamily Buildings
Cooking Class Series: Raw Food Made Easy Oakland
Geomorphic and Ecological Fundamentals of River and Stream Restoration Truckee
Annual Coho Salmon Confab Occidental
8/23/2015 Inviting California to Dinner: Using Native Plants in Your Everyday Diet Berkeley
8/29/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
8/30/2015 Farm Curious: Hands-On Greywater Workshop
Soil Not Oil International Conference Richmond
Workshop: Designing a Native Garden Berkeley
9/13/2015 Native Bees & Native Plants: Pollination to the People Oakland
9/15/2015 Climate Courage Forum Berkeley
9/19/2015 Canning Extravaganza: Fruit, Pickles and Tomatoes Oakland
9/26/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
Trees and Shrubs of the Bay Area: A Field Trip Series
9/27/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area Walk: Regional Parks Botanic Garden Berkeley
9/27/2015 Botany and Ecology of the Delta
Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference
10/17/2015 Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area Walk: San Francisco Presidio San Francisco
10/20/2015 Climate Courage Forum Berkeley
10/24/2015 Seed Propagation of California Native Plants Berkeley
Regenerative Design Institute: Ecology of Awakening Program Bolinas
10/29/2015 Transformca Awards and Benefit San Francisco
10/31/2015 City of Berkeley Free Compost Giveaway Berkeley
11/3/2015 Robert Reich in Conversation with Mark Bittman San Francisco
Edible and Medicinal Oaks of California: Harvesting, Processing, & Preparation Methods Mill Valley
12/13/2015 Nature’s Pharmacy: Botanical Medicine Making Workshop Ukiah
12/15/2015 Climate Courage Forum Berkeley