Community Event

The Real Dirt: Introduction to Organic Gardening

Sun, April 21, 2024 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
HIllside Bounty Garden in El Ceritto

This intensive in-person day -long course  will introduce you to the essentials  of organic gardening.  Organic Gardening starts with healthy living soil and the gardener’s adage is “feed the soil, not the plant”   



We’ll learn about soil structure and soil types and the very important role that living organisms play.  Then we’ll look at the many methods of breathing life into your native soils.: tilling and amending, composting, compost tea, sheet mulching, cover crops and more.  We’ll also touch on raised bed and container gardening and when they are best employed.  Next we’ll learn what to grow and how to grow it.  Timing of planting, Cool & Warm season crops, how to pick a good “start.”  how to succeed with seeds and much more. Finally we will talk about maintenance: weeds, water & pests, how to tend your garden for success and harvest your bounty through the season.

Class will be held at HIllside Bounty Garden in El Ceritto, a garden tour will be included in our time together.

When: Sunday April 21, 2024 10am-3pm
Where: Hillside Bounty Garden, El Cerrito
Cost:  $75-150 for the day

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