Community Event

The Berkeley Home Electrification Fair

Sat, April 20, 2024 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The David Brower Center - 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Are you thinking about electrifying your home? Maybe you’ve looked into it but weren’t sure about costs, what appliances you’d need to install, or just how to get started. Look no further. Come to the Berkeley Home Electrification Fair.

You can talk with electrification professionals, residents, and nonprofit agencies all working to electrify homes across the Bay Area. Free admission

The benefits of switching from gas to electric can be enormous – long-term savings, healthier indoor air, cutting your climate footprint. And with new government rebates and tax credits 2024 promises to be a great year to go electric!

The 2024 Home Electrification Fair  is your one-stop shop for answers to questions like:

  • Where do I start?  Heat pump? Water heater? Induction cooktop?
  • What tax credits and rebates can I receive?
  • Is my 100 amp electric panel sufficient?
  • Who can I trust? Are there recommended contractors?
  • My house is unusual. Can it be electrified?

You’ll be able to talk with electrification professionals, ordinary residents who have gone all-electric, and representatives of nonprofits and government agencies that support incentives for home electrification.


Financial Incentives – 2:30
Tom Graly of The Switch is On, will survey the landscape of rebates and tax credits at the state and federal levels.

The Path Toward Efficiency – 3:30
Alex Sloan, Operations Manager for Electrify My Home, stresses that the path toward electrification for every home is different. A qualified contractor can assess the unique requirements for your home, apartment, or multi-family building.

Information Tables

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