Community Event

Join Black Forager for a conversation!

Fri, April 12, 2024 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Online & In Person at First Unitarian Universalist Church & Center, San Francisco

Alexis Nikole Nelson color portrait. Alexis aka Black Forager is a Black woman with shades of brown curly hair. She is wearing large glasses, red lips, and a blue knit sweater. She also has what looks like mint in her hair and is biting a bit of a green plant between her teeth as she smiles.

Alexis Nikole Nelson aka Black  Forager  uses her platform to engage with millions—yelling, singing, and celebrating the hidden bounty of edible plants waiting to be found in our backyards, on our nature hikes, growing from our sidewalks and in our parks across the world.

In her life and work she reframes the world of food, excitedly asking us to slow down, and (safely!) explore the sustainable and delicious food choices all around us. Elemental to her work is the importance of marginalized histories, peeling back the historical food layers of Black, African, and Indigenous food traditions that have often been repressed. Through her work she seeks to empower everyone around the world—in food deserts and beyond—to learn about, grow, cook, and enjoy food in an accessible way.

Join us for an engaging and joyful evening of conversation with Alexis and CIIS associate professor, activist, and licensed creative arts therapist Britton Williams. In their conversation they take us on an exploration of Alexis’ life and work, food justice and foraging, and on a journey through the woods and oceans in search of edible plants to enrich palates and the planet.

Alexis Nikole Nelson is a forager and an outdoor educator using her platform to yell, sing and celebrate all the edible plants hiding in plain sight! She invites all who will come on the foraging journey of collecting, identifying, and eating wild food. Alexis has also cooked up quite a few awards, receiving the James Beard Award for “Best Social Media” 2022, being chosen for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, being chosen as a TikTok Tastemaker, and being honored as part of Fortune Magazine’s Creator 25 in 2021.

With 5 million followers joining Alexis on the adventure, she reframes the world of food, asking us to consider tastefully satiating and environmentally sustainable food choices. She also peels back historical layers on African American and Indigenous food traditions that have traditionally been repressed.

Whether Alexis is teaching audiences which seaweeds are delish or turning acorns into cheese, she does so with a song and a smile. Her comedic lessons and videos direct audiences to freely accessible food options and demonstrations of tasty dishes.

While delivered in a light-hearted manner, Alexis’ content has empowered those living in food deserts with greater self- sufficiency – which is no laughing matter.

Nelson takes audiences into the woods and to the oceans in search of edible plants to enrich their palates and the planet.

As Alexis would say, happy snacking, don’t die!