Wildheart Gardens

Specializes in permaculture garden design, installation, and education. Services include: *Landscape and garden design, consultation, installation *Permaculture site assessments *Edible, medicinal, native, and drought resistant plants *Compost system design and installation *Mulching *Irrigation (drip and micro-sprinklers) *Greywater system design and installation. *Nursery with heirloom vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, and native plants grown from seed or propagated from cuttings. “Most of the seeds we save ourselves. Many of these are from rare and endangered plants. By maintaining heritage seed varieties, we increase the species diversity in our gardens.” Does custom propagation.

Website: www.wildheartgardens.comEmail: christophershein@gmail.comMailing Address:1526 Fairview Street
Berkeley, CA 94703Date Updated: 10/24/2014