Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery

A full-service nursery with CCOF organic vegetable starts and cover crop seeds. They also sell compost bins and worm bins, kitchen compost containers and filters, Bokashi kitchen composter and inocculant, gopher wire, and beneficial insects, in addition to having available seasonal catalogs and newsletters. Also provides soil testing services. Other products and services include: drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, organic fertilizers, ecological pest controls, boric acid, tools, horticultural supplies, books, house wares, food preservation supplies, solar electric (PV) system design, equipment and consultation, solar water pump system design and equipment.

Website: www.harmonyfarm.comEmail: info@harmonyfarm.comPhone: 707 823-9125Mailing Address:3244 Hwy 116 North (Gravenstein Hwy)
Sebastopol, CA 95472Date Updated: 4/3/2015