Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome Inc (DAMS Inc.)

Informational and out sourcing resource website for dental advice. DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is a non-profit organization that educates the public on mercury amalgams and other ways that dentistry may affect health. Through its Information Packet, its newsletter and its sale of books and videos (mostly now DVDs) DAMS is able to provide information on symptoms of mercury toxicity, safe amalgam removal, choosing suitable replacement materials, and more. DAMS is able to provide information and answer questions about toxic crowns, bridges, dentures and the risks of root canal treatment of teeth; it educates the public on jawbone disease (jawbone “cavitations”) and on the toxic hazards of fluoride.
Importantly, DAMS helps people find knowledgeable practitioners who remove amalgams safely, with elaborate precautions to protect the patient.

Website: www.dams.ccEmail: dams@usfamily.netPhone: 651 644-4572Mailing Address:1043 Grand Ave, #317
Saint Paul, MN 55105Date Updated: 9/22/2010