California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission has attorneys assisting the public on concerns about power plants, etc. They also have information on rebates, grants, and loans for alternative and energy efficient appliances and systems. * “Blueprint” – bimonthly on building efficiency geared to contractors, available at: 800-772-3300 Publications: 916-324-3014; Low-income energy assistance: 800-433-4327; Recycling: 800- 327-9886; Rates, utility questions: 800-848-9119, 800-822-6228 or 800-324-3009; Energy hotline: 916-324-3376 (e.g. building standards and regulations for energy conservation). Web site has extensive info.

Website: 800 555-7794 (inside California)Mailing Address:1516 Ninth Street, MS-29
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512Date Updated: 12/4/2012