Time Dollar Institute

Time Dollar Institute seeks to build local economies and communities that reward decency, caring, and a passion for justice by developing, testing, and assisting experiments with a new medium of exchange called “Time Dollars” (also known as service credits or time banking.) One hour helping others equals one Time Dollar.

The framework underlying Time Dollars is Co-Production, an asset-based approach to social welfare directed to the creation of social capital and system change. Co-Production empowers those who are classified as clients, beneficiaries, takers and dependents to define themselves as co-producers and contributors by recognizing, validating, and rewarding their skills, their capacities, and their contributions.

Offers two resources for starting your own Time Dollars Program: 1) “Time Dollars” outlines the basic ideas and strategies; 2)”The Complete Time Dollar Kit” includes various manuals, software, and grant information for running a Time Dollars program.

Website: www.timebanks.org/Phone: 202 686-5200Mailing Address:5500 39th St. NW
Washington, DC 20015Date Updated: 1/11/2010