EcoHouse Tour This Sunday, 6/30/13: Create Water-Saving Features in Your Yard

20130628tondreConcerned about drought? Summer is a great time for setting your yard up to be a water-saving site with greywater systems, rainwater catchment, earthworks, and appropriate landscaping choices. At this Sunday’s tour, you’ll learn about greywater design and take a tour of the EcoHouse systems–the first permitted residential constructed wetland/greywater system in California and the first greywater system in Berkeley to be permitted. We will discuss the principles and process of safely irrigating with shower, bathroom sink, and laundry waste water and include a presentation of greywater design and the application process. We’ll cover the fundamentals of how to collect rainwater from your house and store it in cisterns or directly in your garden. Earthworks such as berms, basins, french drains, swales, and diversion drains can also help offset your need for irrigation and minimize your water use as well as build soil fertility and stabilize soils. Return home with ideas and plans of your own!

The tour is led by EcoHouse co-founder, designer, and builder Babak Tondre who has been practicing and teaching natural building since 1994. Tondre is a principle with DIG Cooperative, a licensed general contractor whose mission is to connect people with ecology by offering comprehensive natural building solutions and integrated water systems that transform homes and cities into healthier and more productive environments for current and future generations.

Space is limited on this tour, and there are a few spots left. Click here for more details, and for contact info to reserve your spot.

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