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Who We Are: BCGC is composed of diverse community garden members who share a common commitment to organic, urban agriculture and access to healthy food for all residents of Berkeley.

What We Do: By providing a forum for mutual support and the sharing of common resources, BCGC assists and protects existing gardens, facilitates the formation of new gardens, and advocates food security initiatives in our local schools and city.

Our Mission: BCGC actively seeks to create a more sustainable society by engaging in environmentally beneficial urban land stewardship, which includes urban agriculture, the preservation of open space, habitat restoration, and cultivating community. To broaden its impact and build alliances, BCGC partners with other organizations that share its goals. Land, air, water, and seeds are our commonwealth, which we have a right and duty to protect.

School Gardens

School gardens, on-site at elementary, middle and high schools, aim to integrate organic food production into the curricula and into the school lunch pro-grams. Children are introduced to food production, nutrition, composting, ecological awareness, and cooking and preparing the food they grow to share around the table. Most garden and cooking classes are supported by the Network for a Healthy California Program.

Berkeley Arts Magnet / Whittier School Garden
1645 Milvia Street
Contact: Marlee Blasenheim,

Berkeley Technology Academy Garden
Derby Street at MLK Jr. Way
Contact: Matt Tsang,

Early Childhood Development Gardens
920 Allston Way, 1460 Eight Street
1810 Hopkins Street, 1939 Ward Street
Contact: Chris Nakao,

Edible Schoolyard at King Middle School
Rose Street at Grant Avenue
Contact: 510-558-1335

Emerson Elementary School Garden
2800 Forest Avenue
Contact: Jeanette Kjobmand,

Jefferson Elementary School Garden
Rose Street at Sacramento Street
Contact: Jeanette Kjobmand,

John Muir Elementary School Garden
2955 Claremont Avenue
Contact: Rivka Mason,

LeConte Elementary School Farm and Garden
Ellsworth Street between Oregon and Russell
Contact: Ben Goff,

Longfellow Middle School Garden
California Street at Derby Street
Contact: Robert Marosi, 415-577-1756

Malcolm X Elementary School Garden
Ellis Street at Ashby Avenue
Contact: Rivka Mason,

Oxford Elementary School Garden
1130 Oxford Street
Contact: Sarah Winer,

Rosa Parks Elementary School Garden
Allston Way at 8th Street
Contact: Chris Nakao,

School of the Madeleine Elementary School Garden
1225 Milvia Street
Contact: 510-527-3315

St. Mary’s College High School Garden
1294 Albina Way
Contact: Greg Sutphin, 510-526-9242 x432

Thousand Oaks Elementary School Garden
840 Colusa Avenue
Contact: Sarah Winer,

Washington Elementary School Garden
MLK, Jr. Way at Bancroft Avenue
Contact: Colette Rowe,

Willard Greening Project, Willard Middle School
Telegraph Avenue at Stuart Street
Contact: Matt Tsang,

Youth Training Gardens

Youth training gardens train and employ young people from high-risk neighborhoods. Mentors work closely with youth gardeners, sharing practical skills for future employment and enjoyment. BCGC recognizes that urban gardening offers lifelong learning that can help prevent substance abuse and violence. Moreover, food production is an ecological and sustainable means of economic development that addresses both hunger and hopelessness.

Berkeley Youth Alternatives Production Garden
BYA Office: 1255 Allston Way
Garden: Bancroft Way between West and Bonar
Contact: Lisa Grady,

College Gardens

Gill Tract Community Farm
San Pablo Avenue at Marin/Buchanan
Contact: Jon Hoffman,

Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA)
On the corner of Walnut Street and Virginia Street

Nonprofit Garden Projects

Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project
Sacramento Street at Oregon Street
59th Street between Adeline and Market
Produce stand and nursery of edible, medicinal, and native plants at Sacramento Street Garden
Contact: Daniel Miller,

Demonstration or Restoration Projects

EcoHouse Permaculture Demonstration Garden
Hopkins Street at Peralta Avenue
Contact: Ecology Center,

California Habitats Indigenous Activists (CHIA)
Natives Restoration Project
Ohlone Greenway between Peralta and Gilman
Contact: Mike Nettles, 510-559-9421

Community Gardens

Community gardens make plots available to individuals, families, and groups for growing food, flowers, and herbs. Community gardeners use food to feed their families and share with neighbors.

Ashby Community Garden
Ashby Avenue between Mabel and Sacramento
Contact: Bonnie Borucki,

Bancroft Community Garden
Bancroft Way between West and Bonar
Contact: Steve Moros,

Codornices Creek Daylighting Project and Community Orchard
8th Street at Harrison Street
Contact: 510-452-9522

Karl Linn Community Garden
Peralta Avenue at Hopkins Street
Contact: Mary Lynch,

Kenney Cottage Community Garden
1631 5th Street
Contact: Lisa Graciano, 510-705-3374

Northside Community Garden
Northside and Peralta Avenues at Hopkins
Contact: Robin Sebourn,

Ohlone Community Garden
Hearst Avenue at McGee Street
Contact: Durwood Wiggins,

People’s Park Community Garden
Bowditch Street between Dwight and Haste
Contact: Terri Compost, 510-658-9178

Peralta Community Garden
Peralta Avenue at Hopkins Street
Contact: Elizabeth Peele,

West Berkeley Senior Center Garden
1900 6th Street
Contact: Senior Center office, 510-981-5186

BCGC Affiliates and Supporters

The Berkeley Community Garden Collaborative is working with:

  • American Community Gardening Association, a national organization that promotes sustainabilty through all aspects of community gardening and greening of urban, rural, and suburban communities.
    Contact: 1-877-ASK-ACGA
  • Center for Ecoliteracy, who, in collaboration with the Berkeley Unified School District, works to implement the School Lunch Initiative by linking family farms to schools and offering all students healthy, fresh, and organic meals.
    Contact: Zenobia Barlow, 845-4595
  • Berkeley Partners for Parks, the City of Berkeley, and the Rails to Trails Conservancy to develop the Santa Fe Right of Way into pathways, community gardens, and other choices that are compatible with the neighborhood.
  • The Berkeley Helath Department and Berkeley Unified School District’s Nutrition Services, to make sure that our students get a lunch that is freshly cooked, mostly organic, and locally grown.

BCGC can assist your neighborhood by offering:

  • Resource and tool sharing contacts
  • Technical advice, troubleshooting, and design assistance
  • Compost and seeds to community, school, and nonprofit projects

You can help BCGC!

  • Volunteer your time in our gardens
  • Donate or locate garden resources, such as: irrigation supplies, garden tools, construction tools, building supplies, seedlings, etc.
  • Donate money to BCGC. (Mail checks made payable to Ecology Center/BCGC: 2530 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702)

Want to garden in Berkeley? We can help you find a plot! Call the community garden nearest you, or call us at 510-883-9096. We check messages once a week.

Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative
c/o Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Ave, Suite H
Berkeley, CA 94702
Contact: Corinne Haskins, 510-883-9096

Updated: June 2010